p + a furniture store opens online

Penner & Associates Design is one of the socially responsible businesses to occupy the restored Flack Block.  Their Hastings Street retail store recently opened and was covered in the Vancouver Sun and now their online store which features their own furniture designs has gone live.

Our (Penner & Associates) approach prioritizes occupant health and well-being, emphasizing indoor air and light quality. We design for longevity, incorporating energy and resource efficiency, durability, and adaptability.

Penner & Associates has extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of LEED® rating systems.

Building Opportunities with Business and others were happy to see them settle in our neighborhood.  Hastings Street revitalization is a major focus of City of Vancouver planning staff and BOB in 2009 ahead of the Olympics.  Look for more news on this to become public and official.

p + a furniture


Pedicab service launches in the inner-city

This weekend the Chinatown BIA, BOB staff, and others will officially launch Dragon Rickshaw Adventures, a pedicab service for Vancouver’s inner-city.  The service will provide safe, convienent and fun transport around Chinatown and Gastown.  July 4th is the culmination of literally years of work and planning by the Building Opportunities with Business Tourism & Hospitality cluster.  Dragon Rickshaw Adventures will provide green jobs for residents and a unique experience for tourists.  Join Shirley Chan and other dignitaries at 10:00 AM at 50 East Pender for the official launch.


Resilient Cities: Vancouver

This upcoming conference (October 20-22) is bringing some exciting speakers to town to speak on: green jobs, ecology, urban renewal, many of the things we blog about and are working on in Vancouver’s Inner-city.resilientCitiesOnePager

Building Opportunities with Business is going to have a booth and likely several other authors of this blog and green cluster members will be present and participating.  Here is the official promotional blurb:

Resilient Cities: Urban Strategies for Transition Times
A Gaining Ground conference in association with Smart Growth BC and in collaboration with the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics.
Date: Oct 20-22, 2009
Location: Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
Web site: www.gaininggroundsummit.com
Email: info@gaininggroundsummit.com
Tel: 250-858-4600
Registration: Register online www.gaininggroundsummit.com/register.htm or by calling 250-472-4747

North American cities are facing transformational challenges in sustainability, economy, and urban management. Sustainability imperatives, the call for climate action, the prospect of a quickly shifting energy future, pressure for new approaches in almost every urban system, and the shock of the economic downturn have North American cities scrambling to comprehend and manage the shift toward ecological practices and greater resilience.

The conference will explore strategies to make cities more robust, and will enable participants to advance their thinking on three key subjects:

  • innovation in sustainability governance and best current practices for managing sustainable urban systems;
  • capturing opportunities in the green economy;
  • strategies for building widespread sustainability collaborations that engage the community level.

The speakers listed on their webpage include: Anita Burke, Gregor Robertson, Bill Rees, and Majora Carter who we had give the keynote at Sustainability 2.0.

Green Inner-city Cluster Sucessfully Launched

On June 10th local business leaders, government officials, community leaders, and residents met at the Japanese Language Hall to discuss how the green economy, green businesses, and green jobs could help revitalize Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Over thirty people came to site down and discuss with Deputy Mayor Andrea Reimer the city’s goals of becoming the greenest city in the world. Other sessions focused on:

  1. Marketing Green
  2. Sharing and Learning about Greening your Organization
  3. Green Policy in Vancouver
  4. Wasted – The Shift from Recycling to Zero Waste
  5. Urban Agriculture
  6. Green Buildings, Green Roofs, and Energy Efficiency
Andrew McKay, Shirley Chan, and Toby Barazzuol

Andrew McKay, Shirley Chan, and Toby Barazzuol

seannDory200pxBuilding Opportunities with Business and the other organizers and authors of this blog were pleased at the turnout, the enthusiasm, and potential for collaboration in the future around issues such as:

  1. Environmental Stewardship Training
  2. Commercial Composting
  3. Materials Exchange

The cluster will be meeting again in a month or so to build on the suggestions and to continue to work on greening the inner-city.

Thanks to AHA Media for covering the event and for the pictures used in this posting.

urban agriculture: what now?

Join other like-minded inner-city residents for a lively discussion on urban agriculture in the downtown east side.  Come share your ideas and discuss opportunities for the future of urban farming in the DTES.

Tuesday June 16th, 5:30pm

614 Alexander St, Roof-top garden, Eclipse Awards

Topics we will cover:
– identify community assets, resources, and strengths
– success stories
– ideas, suggestions, and opportunities

Please RSVP or with questions to kristina.welch@sauder.ubc.ca

Eclipse Awards Roof-Top Garden

BOB wins BC Commuter Challenge

That’s right, Building Opportunities with Business (BOB), has triumphed over all other organizations in the province of twenty-five or less employees to win the 2009 BC Commuter Challenge. BOB staff is committed to social and ecological sustainability and winning our class of the commuter challenge is further proof of this. BOB encourages all organizations in Vancouver’s inner-city to register next year and try to take our title away.

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