Vancouver Green Capital

That is apparently our new marketing slogan. When I say our, I mean the City of Vancouver in this case. In a speech to our buddies over at the Board of Trade, the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson outlined his strategy to attract green industry investment to Vancouver and the surrounding municipalities and raise our international profile.

This all sounds great, but as someone who works for an organization doing economic development in Vancouver, I’d like to see a little more than speeches and whirl wind speaking tours.

Majora Carter meets Mayor Robertson

Majora Carter meets Mayor Robertson

The Mayor and Majora Carter will both be speaking at Resilient Cities and the number of shoulder events continues to grow I just registered for the Board of Change one. We’ll see if this conference and these speeches have any effect in changing Hastings and Main.

This story is getting national attention and I guess our focus on around 40 blocks of the city, kept me from posting it ASAP. I think ultimately there are only so many people who have been organizing a green industry cluster and proposing a green economic zone.

Frances Bula and her readership have been discussing this in detail, there are just only so many hours in the day.


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