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Vancouver, like any other large urban city, has social issues such as poverty, homelessness, and underemployment. It also has environmental concerns and aspirations for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable community.

Greening the Inner City is a movement that seeks to address both of these issues by recognizing that all residents have an interest in making our community healthy and livable. Until now, the environmental movement has been limited to those who can afford it; organic food, hybrid cars, and renewable energy all come at a premium. Yet emerging environmental justice movements across Canada and around the world are beginning to include people from all socio-economic backgrounds; providing employment and support for those who need it most, while developing initiatives to clean cities, support growth of green and sustainable businesses, and provide a better future for our children.

The green economy, green jobs, and green businesses can create new employment opportunities for inner city residents. These jobs are meaningful and fulfilling, provide dignity and a sense of accomplishment, and allow all of Vancouver’s residents to participate in our greener and healthier future.



  1. July 5, 2011 at 5:09 am

    Love the information you have on this blog and the phrase “emerging environmental justice movements.” We are working in the DTES and would like to connect and learn more from you and the groups you are involved in this is our site: http://www.takethegreenchallenge.ca
    we are still fairly new and learning all of the time. Let us know if we could connect some time it would be appreciated, thanks.

    • muskie said,

      August 3, 2011 at 11:09 pm

      Sorry this didn’t get approved sooner. Building Opportunities with Business might still own the domain greeningtheinnercity.ca, but this blog fell into underuse. Wes and I still talk about writing more here and I’ve ensured all the existing content is once again available to websurfers. Wes and I probably wrote most of the content so if we continue to blog here from time to time, c’est la vie. SOLEfood is still in operation and they have their own blog. Lots is still going on, but this blog and the green cluster I used to co-ordinate is not so much a central hub of activity anymore.

    • muskie said,

      May 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm

      Not sure if I wrote the above or not, “emerging environmental justice movements” does sound good, but I likely saw that phrase or one similar elsewhere. A lot is still happening in Vancouver, but not apparently at this blog. I just wrote up a piece on SOLEfood and urban farming. They received more coverage in the Vancouver Sun: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/Urban+Farm+near+False+Creek+grow+organic+produce/6602315/story.html

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