Strathcona BIA Sustainability 3.0: Redefining Green

If you own or operate a business in downtown Vancouver or EastVan (Strathcona, Gastown, Hastings-Sunrise, Chinatown) or know anyone who does, please pass word on about the upcoming business sustainability expo being held by the Strathcona Business Improvement Association. AND if you know of any green companies interested in sponsoring this great event let them know too!

The Strathcona BIA will be hosting the small business sustainability expo on September 28, 2010 | 3-7pm | at the Japanese Language Hall (475 Alexander St.) and it is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your business and showcase the steps you are taking to be green- maybe learn a trick or two along the way!

Enhance the competitive advantage of your business and be part of the progressive sustainable business community in the Strathcona Green Zone.

For more information dowload Sustainability 3 0 Sponsorship Opportunities Updated or contact:

Sponsorship Inquiries: Purdy Jones
Green Zone Inquiries: Sophie Agbonkhese


Remember Sustainability 2.0

Saul Brown does. He also knew that some of the footage we recorded made it on to YouTube.  I hope someday more of the footage makes it online in some form.  Strathcona BIA is working on their next conference which they’ve dubbed Sustainability 2.010! I’m less involved this time personally, but with Will Allen coming to Vancouver and Majora Carter having already been here twice.  Resilient Cities: Vancouver, greening the inner-city, Green Capital, GCAT, Vancouver is definitely one of the North American leaders in sustainability, social purchasing, urban agriculture, urban architecture.  You know good stuff.

Social Purchasing Works

At least Saul Brown seems to think so. Saul and his company are members of our Green Inner-city Cluster and have helped us on SOLEfood and the Sustainability 2.0 Expo among many projects. His company provides sustainable and socially responsible corporate gifts and operates out of a green building in Strathcona.

Building Opportunities with Business maintains an online directory of inner-city businesses with particular emphasis on those that are sustainable and socially responsible. Many large organizations such as Business Objects and SFU use it to buy their catering, recycling, or cleaning services. Next time your business or organization needs to hire someone for a job, if you’d like to hire someone who is progressive and working towards improving Vancouver’s historic inner-city, check our online business directory first.

If you operate a business in Vancouver’s historic inner-city and wish to be included in the directory, you can register online. We’re making a few changes and additions to our website which will be finished soon according to our web developers.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

There is a good post over at Max Gladwell on the importance of ongoing sustainability and CSR dialogue. Shouldn’t sustainability be one of the very few sustainable competitive advantages?

More news on greening the inner-city to come later today, but if you want to help show up at the SOLEfood Urban Farm this Sunday rain or shine.

More Resilience

I keep getting asked how the conference went and I think if they really want to reduce consumption by 80% they have to invite to the table some of the people they vilified and poked fun at, the oil companies, the car companies, the mining companies. Vancouver may not have the former, but they have the latter, where were the Teck-Comicos, the Barricks? They talked about green tech and investment but I didn’t see any of those folks represented, where was Pangea or Day4Energy?

If you want to reduce consumption by 80% and make Vancouver the Greenest City in the World they are going to have to engage with the aforementioned corporations and many more. After all they all call Vancouver home and so do their staff.

Here is more coverage and commentary that my Google Alerts found:

Semi-regular Green News

It’s been a busy time for the keener greeners and the BOB staff in Vancouver’s inner-city. Hopefully we have some good news of our own to blog about, actually count on it.

However as more folks step forward to post and comment on this website, it seems I have to handle more inquiries as the most visible or at least most prolific poster we have. Here are a few stories that have arrived lately that our audience may be interested in.

Green Marketing was recently in the Havarad Business news blog. It is strange to see an institution like HBS embrace blogging, I remember when it was considered rogue, some us are still considered rogues. Thanks to @make_good for that one.

From Seann Dory comes a story of Will Allen’s Growing Power urban agriculture project. They are using green houses, raised beds, and most interestingly fish as part of their aquaponics. He got a lot of help from the University of Wisconsin but maybe Growing Power will change what made Milwaukee famous.

The take aways from the article for those looking to replicate the system used there are:

Start with waste. Honor worms. Think in terms of systems. Study Nature.

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