Pedal Powered Composting Service

Word reached me, through top secret sources (Seann Dory of United We Can), of a business in Victoria started by a homeless activist and a UVIC student to collect compostable material in 5 Kg buckets for the flat rate of $5 dollars per bucket.  The collection is done by bicycle so there is no carbon-based fuels consumed.  The service has proven very popular with over 80 customer in Victoria now.

The composting is done in one of the partner’s backyard, the size of the compost set up requires very little land and water.  The fertilizer is then used by local gardens to grow food.  This model is being setup as a co-op and the founders have no qualms about others setting up a similar system say in Vancouver…

United We Can already has their Urban Binning Unit and as more and more of these become available there is no reason they could not haul compost in addition to other recycleables.  In order to get this project off the ground in the DTES, Seann and the rest of United We Can need a place where they can work the three composting piles necessary.  The composting is done on a small scale so smells and other side effects will be minimal.  If you know of some land where the composting could be done, contact me or Seann.  Once the land is secured this service will then be available to residents and businesses within easy biking distance of United We Can.

Given today is Max Gladwell‘s second big experiment lets see if social media can’t help one of the DTES most famous charities and social enterprises.