Strathcona close to winning $80,000 Aviva Community Fund -BUT

They still need some votes FROM YOU. Before reading further, if you want to live/work/play in or just see a greener healthier Strathcona then click here, then spread the word and make it happen! The deadline for the contest is on the 15th and Strathcona is VERY CLOSE to making the cut. If you want to know what all the excitement is about here’s what the $80,000 would go towards:

  • Edible plants would provide new opportunities for local food production. Using native plants would reduce the resources required for their maintenance thus minimizing the ecological footprint of each garden.
  • By creating micro gardens in Strathcona more green space would be accessible throughout the neighbourhood.
  • This project would also reduce spaces available for criminal activity through the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. A public place that lacks significant ownership interest is often perceived by some as places where criminal activity is supported. By converting underutilized spaces into gardens, the BIA would help reduce areas that encourage crime.
  • The most profound benefit of this project would be the generation of green jobs for individuals with job readiness barriers and inner city youth. The youth will gain tangible job experience

Let’s make it happen! All it takes is a click of the mouse (and sending of a link).