Social Purchasing Works

At least Saul Brown seems to think so. Saul and his company are members of our Green Inner-city Cluster and have helped us on SOLEfood and the Sustainability 2.0 Expo among many projects. His company provides sustainable and socially responsible corporate gifts and operates out of a green building in Strathcona.

Building Opportunities with Business maintains an online directory of inner-city businesses with particular emphasis on those that are sustainable and socially responsible. Many large organizations such as Business Objects and SFU use it to buy their catering, recycling, or cleaning services. Next time your business or organization needs to hire someone for a job, if you’d like to hire someone who is progressive and working towards improving Vancouver’s historic inner-city, check our online business directory first.

If you operate a business in Vancouver’s historic inner-city and wish to be included in the directory, you can register online. We’re making a few changes and additions to our website which will be finished soon according to our web developers.


Business Development Seminar: Reducing your Business’s Ecological Impact

Join BOB, SAP Business Objects, Vancity, and for an informative discussion on how you can reduce the ecological impact of your small or medium sized business.


Wednesday, June 3rd, 8-9:30am

Get big ideas and practical tips from experienced business leaders in a small group setting. Take the opportunity to ask questions and get advice about your business.

  • Green House Gases (GHG) Reduction for Small Business
  • Carbon Offsets
  • Energy
  • Financing
  • Transportation
  • Climate Change

Learn practical initiatives & be one step ahead of both the regulations and the market!

Price of admission: $10.00

Seats available: 35

Location: 325 Main St

Please register at: