Olympic Village greenest neighbourhood in the world

The US Green Building Council has awarded Millennium Water AKA the Vancouver Athlete’s Village AKA the place where the Aussies hung their big green flag as a certified LEED Platinum Neighbourhood Development.  Our Mayor is rightfully proud of this accomplishment.

As part of the Olympics Inclusivity Goals as well as ongoing efforts to revitalize Vancouver’s historic inner-city, a Community Benefits Agreement was struck between the developer, the City, and Building Opportunities with Business.  The outcome of which resulted in 102 inner-city residents being trained and employed in construction, along with over 40 million in procurement from inner-city businesses.


Sewage to Heat

Vancouver has opened what is supposedly the first neighborhood sewage to heat treatment facility inside a city centre in North America.  This was part of the Millennium Water/Olympic Athlete’s Village development.  It also fits in with Vancouver’s quest to become the Greenest City in the World.

Millennium Village is not in Vancouver’s historic inner-city but False Creek, which is nearby, has slowly been turned from industrial land into mixed residential neighborhood, the Olympic Village was intended to have social housing and be an example of a new-style green planned community, similar to Dockside Green in Victoria.

Building Opportunities with Business, in addition to working on greening the inner-city, helped train inner-city residents to work on the site as part of the CBA that was negotiated between the City and the Developer.  Another CBA is potentially in the works for the build-out of the rest of False Creek which would provide benefits to Vancouver’s inner-city.