Vancouver Community Gardens

Rebecca Bollwitt AKA Miss604 has just written a piece on all the community gardens that have sprouted up in Vancouver. She of course mentions SOLEfood which differentiates itself as being an actual neighbourhood farm, with the intention of selling the produce and paying inner-city residents to work on it.

The farm wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of people donating: time, labour, and in some cases money. SOLEfood has it’s own blog now, where you can hopefully learn more about our future plans.

I also put up a gallery in Flickr of the various community gardens on Hastings Street in the DTES.

DTES Neighbourhood House Garden


Gardens on Hastings Street

I made a point of walking down East Hastings Street today and getting some photos of the various community gardens.  Even though we’ve entered September there are still a lot of blossoms blooming in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Building Opportunities with Business and the Green Inner-city Cluster are working hard to bring agriculture back to Strathcona.

Community Garden

Hastings Community Garden

DTES Neighborhood House

Community Garden

Another Garden on Hastings