Green Building Reads

Over at the Green Economy Post, there is a top ten list of recent reports on green buildings.  This is a lot to read so they also summarize each article.  Article eight is a study of office buildings in Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland to try and prove that green architecture and energy retrofits actually increase the value of the building.  The report is authored by the Cascadia Green Building Council and is available for download from their website.

Recently some other individuals and organizations have expressed interest in contributing to this blog.  So perhaps look for some fresh voices and insights shortly.


Meet Cam MacDonald, Urban Farmer

Google Alerts delivered a story with the above title, complete with audio interview, from another local blog called VanGoGreen.  So on a break from my main duties at Building Opportunities with Business, I’m ‘reblogging’ the story.  We’re still putting a lot of effort and research into urban agriculture opportunities in the inner-city with partners like UBC and United We Can.

Besides Resilient Cities, another event BOB and the Green Inner-city Cluster members should have a presence at is FutureSocial which is an architectural contest seeking to explore the future of social housing/supportive housing.  This is being organized by Matthew Soules and other folks at UBC, BC Housing, and PHS.

Building your Green Building Brain

At DemoCamp 07, which took place last night at Workspace in Vancouver’s inner-city, a number of new web platforms, frameworks, tool kits, and websites were presented and discussed including staff from the maker of this blogging platform.  However the presentation of most interest to this blog’s audience and mandate is the open source, copyright free, information network being built around green buildings and green architecture called the Green Building Brain.

The Green Building Brain is the brain child of the Vancouver Design Nerds and Recollective.  They are looking for help in building their website, finding bugs, and suggestions on how to make the Green Building Brain a useful resource for professionals and folks interested in learning more about greening an existing building or designing and building a green building.

I think this is a record for using green and building in one post/paragraph.