Green News

We are swamped, especially me, preparing for our Green Inner-city Cluster Kickoff event tomorrow. We’ve posted the schedule and added some new session facilitators such as Doug Horn of Light House. There is still space available if you’d like to come, feel free to come for just one or two sessions if that fits better into your schedule. An RSVP would be nice but the catering order can not be changed so that is of lesser importance…

Some more interesting green news items have landed in my inbox, first up the Vancouver Sun is reporting that the Carbon Salary Survey revealed that people holding green jobs feel more secure than the average worker. The CTV is also reporting that Canada is among the world leaders in greening the urban jungle, but this blog’s authors feel a lot more can be done.

Michael Lathuilliere over at UBC has attempted to define what is the green economy and discovered it means many different things to many different politicians.

VANOC, Vancouver’s Olympic organizing committee announced they are using the DTES’s own to offset 300,000 tonnes of carbon during the Olympics in 2010.

Hope to see a lot of you tomorrow at the Japanese Language School on Alexander to hear from Andrea Reimer and the rest of the presenters and facilitators we’ve lined up.