Green Inner-city Cluster Kickoff Event

Join the Greening the Inner-city team for the kickoff event for BOB’s Green Inner-city Cluster.  Learn from local green business leaders such as Toby Barazzuol of Eclipse Awards and Louise Schwarz of the Recycling Alternative on how being green can be a competitive advantage for your organization.  Topics covered will include:

  • Marketing Sustainability
  • Greening Your Organization
  • Green Buildings and Green Roofs
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction
  • Collaborating to increase efficiency
  • Urban Agriculture

There will be presentations but also peer learning opportunities where attendees can share what has worked most successfully at their own organization.  We are pleased to have Councilor Andrea Reimer giving the opening address.  She is a leader in BC’s environmental movement and a member of the Mayor’s Greenest City Action Team.

Time: June 10th 10:00-2:00

Location: Japanese Language School, 487 Alexander Street

Cost: Free (includes lunch, coffee, etc.)



Time Craft Room 3rd Floor w/ Projector Tatami Room 5th Floor
10:00 -10:15 Welcome Address – Andrea Reimer – roof top patio weather permitting
10:15-10:30 TBA
10:30 – 11:30 How can being sustainable give you a competitive advantage? How to market your sustainability practices for maximum benefit?Marketing Green with Toby Barazzuol, Saul Good, and Andrew “Muskie” McKay What we are doing now that is green in our organization?Sharing and learning about greening an organization with Kristina Welch and Maureen Cureton
11:30 – 12:00 What current policies are in place in Vancouver to promote the green economy? What changes is the Greenest City Action Team considering to make Vancouver the Greenest City in the World?Green Policy with Kristina Welch and Kira Gerwing How can you reduce and recycle inputs to your products and services? How can we take control of the complete full circle product lifecycle?Wasted – The Shift from Recycling to Zero Waste with Louise Schwarz and Seann Dory
12:00 – 12:30 Lunch
12:30 – 1:00 How can you grow your own food? How can the inner-city increase its food security and create green jobs? Urban Agriculture with Kristina Welch and Chris Hild What is a green building? Where can I see green architechtural design locally? How can green buildings benefit my organization and the inner-city community?Green Buildings, Green Roofs, and Energy Efficiency with Toby Barazzuol, Morgan McDonald, and Doug Horn
1:00 – 1:30 How can you play a part in creating green jobs in our community and greening the inner-city?Brainstorming Sessions led by Shirley Chan, Andrew “Muskie” McKay and TBA
1:30 – 2:00 Closing Address – Toby Barazzuol and TBD

Toby, the cluster, and Strathcona BIA’s efforts were recently profiled in the Vancouver Courier.  Please join us on June 10th if you want to work towards greening your organization or greening the inner-city.

Attendees at the recent Sustainability 2.0 Expo

Attendees at the recent Sustainability 2.0 Expo


Doing Business in the DTES Sustainably

This was the topic discussed on CBC Radio recently by some of the braintrust.  Shirley Chan is CEO of Building Opportunities with Business and Louise Schwarz is the co-founder of Recycling Alternative.  You can learn more about both of these organizations as well as the challenges of doing business in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Louise talks about Recycling Alternative’s small carbon footprint and how through flexible working hours they are able to work with some of Vancouver’s inner-city workforce.  Thanks to the CBC Radio for making this available to us:

BOB Staff and the rest of the team are trying to leverage social media to have a positive impact on the DTES, so Max Gladwell’s post on 10 Ways to Change the World through Social Media makes interesting reading.

A lot is going on behind the scenes here in Vancouver and once the Provincial Election is complete look for more on greening the inner city.