Making your Impact at Work

Today our vast network of technological and human agents turned up a recently released report by NetImpact.  The report is subtitled “A Practical Guide to Changing the World From Inside Any Company“.  It presents case studies of eBay’s Green Team and 12 other companies.

Impact at Work Cover

It also makes heavy use of the word Intrapreneur which is apparently an entrepreneur working inside an existing company.  I’m not sure the world need this word.  They have the report available for download as well as an accompanying podcast.

One of the things the study found is operations people with deep functional knowledge can make the greatest green impact, particularly in packaging, logistics, and yes even marketing.  This agrees with the research conducted in writing “Going for the Green: Targeting Socially Conscious Consumers“.  Observers note the the definition of a green job is expanding.

Thanks to and the LinkedIn Green Jobs group for bringing this to our attention.