Gaining Ground Summit 2.0 Eco-Logical

BOB and members of the Green Inner-City Cluster are excited to participate once again in the Gaining Ground Summit taking place this October 4th to 7th here in Vancouver. The summit will explore the green economy, sustainability, building capacity, emerging theories of governance and industry collaboration, greentech/cleantech and other fascinating issues.

This year’s speakers include Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, Deputy City Manager for the City of Vancouver, Sadhu Johnston (who has contributed to leading sustainability policies in Chicago, Portland and now here) and Carol Sanford, an acclaimed speaker considered a leader of leaders. Her consulting clients include Fortune 500 businesses and emerging ventures such as Seventh Generation.

The Keynote speaker will be Jared Blumenfeld, currently the Director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 9.

About Jared Blumenfeld:

Jared Blumenfeld is the Director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 9—which includes California, much of the U.S. Southwest and Hawaii. With a background in international environmental law and an active career with the Natural Resources Defense Council, Jared was appointed in 2002 by San Francisco to build and lead its Department of Environment.

Under his leadership, San Francisco initiated landmark policy and laws, starting with precautionary principles and reaching into every area of urban practice. He believes that international and other broad-based frameworks are well-intentioned but produce limited on-the-ground results. During his tenure, San Francisco convened World Environment Day that brought 80 of the world’s largest cities together to define urban
sustainability and map strategies.

EPA Region 9 includes 47 million people, 4 of the 10 largest cities in the U.S., and 24 of the hundred largest.

Blumenfeld comes to Gaining Ground on Tuesday, October 4th to speak about the adoption of new technologies, measuring what’s happening, and the sweet spot where policy and stakeholder engagement merge. He will also lead a policy salon during the afternoon workshop portion of the program.

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The Quest Continues

For Vancouver to become the world’s greenest city.  Mayor Gregor Robertson has hired ,as deputy city manager, Sadhu Johnston formerly of the City of Chicago.

Sadhu is given much of the credit for helping make Chicago greener.  Listed as accomplished during his time there:

During Mr. Johnston’s time in Chicago, the city put a green roof on its city hall, introduced a special permit program for builders of green buildings that put them at the head of the line and waived fees, attracted the headquarters of nine international wind-energy companies to the city, and installed 12,000 bike racks. In a Chicago Sun-Times article about his departure this week, he was called the “whiz kid who spearheaded Mayor Daley’s greening of Chicago.”

Mr. Johnston had this to say to the Globe and Mail about the move:

“With the city being on the world stage, it’s important that we communicate what’s been done and Vancouver’s leadership position. Green jobs and green economic development could build off that position to get additional market share, Chicago is a larger city, but I feel like Vancouver’s really poised to move the sustainability agenda forward.”

The Green the Inner-city cluster has some news of its own, but once again we’re upstaged by the Mayor.  😉

Frances has more info here.