Doing Business in the DTES Sustainably

This was the topic discussed on CBC Radio recently by some of the braintrust.  Shirley Chan is CEO of Building Opportunities with Business and Louise Schwarz is the co-founder of Recycling Alternative.  You can learn more about both of these organizations as well as the challenges of doing business in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Louise talks about Recycling Alternative’s small carbon footprint and how through flexible working hours they are able to work with some of Vancouver’s inner-city workforce.  Thanks to the CBC Radio for making this available to us:

BOB Staff and the rest of the team are trying to leverage social media to have a positive impact on the DTES, so Max Gladwell’s post on 10 Ways to Change the World through Social Media makes interesting reading.

A lot is going on behind the scenes here in Vancouver and once the Provincial Election is complete look for more on greening the inner city.