Green, Green, Green

This blog is overdue for an update.  I’ve been monitoring my Google alerts and RSS feeds but their hasn’t been much big news since Will Allen had to cancel and the roof top farm went South at the last minute.  I don’t have terribly much to add to those tales of woe, but here is some recent ‘green’ news.

Apparently the powers that be in Western Canada are meeting in Victoria to discuss clean energy and the green economy.  BC’s Liberals, Alberta’s Conservatives, as well as the Premiers of both Saskatchewan and for the first time Manitoba are meeting to discuss challenges and opportunities for Western Canadians and knowing politicians, how to get more money out of Ottawa.

The Gaining Ground Summit is coming around again, this time it is entitled Eco-Logical.  Invited speakers include:

  • Gregor Robson
  • Carol Sandford
  • Jared Blumenfeld
  • Mark Holland
  • Richard Branson

No word if the Greening the Inner-city Blog will get a press pass again.  The conference is October 4th through 7th.

Apparently UBC is going to help Vancouver become the world’s greenest city.  You’d think this wouldn’t be news, as UBC is the largest university in the City, in the entire Province, so it seems rather obvious they’d contribute in some way to the effort.  However if want the few details, the Vancouver Sun had a story a while back.  The Straight also covered the announcementGregor’s blog also covered the story, wonder what he’ll do with if he ever loses an election or otherwise moves on?

Well that’s all the news that is green enough to print, err type.


The White House organic food garden expanding, Vancouver’s SOLEfood is too!

This Easter holidays Michelle Obama expanded on an already ambitious urban farming initiative in Washington D.C., the one in the White House back yard, as students from Bancroft Elementary and Hollin Meadows Elementary joined the first lady for a day of gardening and planting to start the Easter Weekend last Wednesday. The organic gardening initiative also ties in with a comprehensive health and fitness initiative that the First Lady is championing called Let’s Move, aimed at solving the childhood epidemic of obesity in America within a generation. Renowned urban agriculturalist (and MacArthur Genius Fellow) Will Allen was on hand for the launching of this initiative and spoke, along with the First Lady, on the importance of nutrition, food security and the powerful role that urban farming can play. And with that it give me delight to announce that Will Allen will be  speaking in Vancouver Tuesday July 13 from 7-9pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive (off 14th Ave). Register ASAP as his previous speaking engagement sold out.

As was noted in a previous post, Mr. Allen needed to undergo surgery and was unable to make that previous speaking engagement, part of the SFU Centre for Dialogue’s Growing out of Hunger series, late last month.  We’re excited that he was able to reschedule so quickly. He will be visiting a city where urban farming, along with other green initiatives, definitely enjoys momentum.

In addition to the dozens of community gardens in Vancouver, the SOLEfood inner city farm network will be expanding this spring to incorporate a second site in Chinatown. Further to beautifying and greening urban spaces one of the attributes of the SOLEfood network that makes it unique from many of the other community gardens is its focus on food production, much like the White House garden. The farm on Hawks and Hastings continues to provide training, education and employment opportunities for residents of Vancouver’s inner-city while providing a valuable service to the community. Good, healthy and wholesome food.

More information about the SOLEfood inner-city farm network’s second location will be posted on the Greening the Inner-City Blog soon!

For more information on Michelle Obama’s White House garden check out the White House Blog.  For more information on Will Allen and Growing Power visit Growing Power’s website.

Remember Sustainability 2.0

Saul Brown does. He also knew that some of the footage we recorded made it on to YouTube.  I hope someday more of the footage makes it online in some form.  Strathcona BIA is working on their next conference which they’ve dubbed Sustainability 2.010! I’m less involved this time personally, but with Will Allen coming to Vancouver and Majora Carter having already been here twice.  Resilient Cities: Vancouver, greening the inner-city, Green Capital, GCAT, Vancouver is definitely one of the North American leaders in sustainability, social purchasing, urban agriculture, urban architecture.  You know good stuff.

Will Allen is coming to Vancouver

He is speaking at “Growing out of Hunger” which is part of the SFU dialogue series.  Will Allen was a professional basketball player who is now one of the leading figures in urban agriculture thanks to his work with the University of Wisconsin and the cities of Milwaukee and Chicago.  He is the CEO of Growing Power Community Food Centre and was mentioned in an earlier blog posting.

Will Allen was also the winner of MacArthur Fellowship in 2008.  His presentation is free to all, but you must register.  The event will take place at the Croatian Cultural Centre at 3250 Commercial Drive on March 25th from 7-9pm.

For those of you interested in urban agriculture or urban renewal you should not miss this.  This blog was happy to be part of the effort to bring Majora Carter to town the first time and for people who missed her presentation should double endeavor to attend Will’s.